Friday, March 27, 2015

Hava Nagila...

 or is that...

Have a Javelina? 

It's called a Collared Peccary too. I was surprised to see this one alone. They aren't usually hermits. Like so many people they prefer to hang out in cliques. That being said, this was one photogenic "New World Pig." They aren't related to the "Oink! Oink!" pigs we like to fry into BLT sandwiches. Those are Old World Pigs. 

Javelinas have been successful in extending their range. Many years ago they were a rare sight in the Southwest (like retirees). They might be following humans who plant edible ornamentals in their desert gardens. Now they can be found in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. They are very fond of eating prickly pear cactus too. I guess they use the cactus spines for toothpicks. 

On my way up to Pontatoc Ridge, (5106.19 feet. I love "My Altitude" App), I came across another Gila Monster. At least this one high-tailed it and didn't stand it's ground like the other. It was a well-mannered Gila Monster. 
Chillin' in my cool pad while it's hot out.
It'll be a perfect patio evening to watch college basketball. 

For those still in the work mode, enjoy your weekend. 
BTW.: "Hava Nagila" is an Israeli folk song, oftentimes sung at Jewish celebrations. It translates to "Let Us Rejoice." I probably danced to it at my Bar Mitzvah. 

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